Case Study

Finding a style that suited a new
professional and personal life style

When Jane first approached us, she had over 10 years of clothes in her closets including professional suits, casual and formal wear. Her professional life had evolved in recent years from working in the city to a private office, involving travel overseas to meet clients in less formal settings.

Despite her wardrobe overflowing with clothes, she was struggling to find a style that suited her new professional and personal life style. Now with a young child also, there was no time to address her sartorial problems. A wardrobe clear out was long overdue!

Go Shopping In Your Wardrobe

Jane jumped at our ‘Wardrobe de-clutter’ service to find out what could be kept, updated and reworked with new styling and purchases. We started by asking her to tell us anything of note about her wardrobe – what she still loved, disliked, items with emotional value and what she was hoping to achieve overall.

After the initial conversation Jane was able to go back to work in her home office while we went through her wardrobe, pulling out sections and sorting into relevant piles; keep, charity and question. Jane’s presence was only required at the end of sorting each large section when we would quickly go through each pile explaining our choices and ensuring she was happy with this. The ‘question’ pile for items we were unsure about, we would discuss each item to find out if it was still part of her style, or if she was actually happy to let it go.

Some highlights and results:

  • A favourite old multi colour ethnic jacket potentially on the ‘out’ pile was kept. It was a holiday souvenir that she loved but never wore. We happily put it back in her closet but first gave her styling tips on how she could wear it well in summer with a fresh white pair of jeans and top and neutral or coloured sandals to bring it back to life.
  • Many old designer suits had to go but some had still relevant jackets with classic skirts. Together they looked very formal, dated and stiff, but when we split them they worked well with other separates.
  • There was a definite rock chick side to Jane we discovered with a number of long flared leather trousers in various colours in her wardrobe. Recognising they were severely outdated she was prepared to let them go but knowing leather’s current fashion kudos (and price tag, about £800 a pop), we suggested having them tailored to a skinny shorter length costing ~ £200 and saving her ~£3000 to replace new!

After each section was approved we rearranged the kept items back into her wardrobe in a sequential order. Additionally we took her shoes to be repaired and resoled, several other items of clothing for alteration and repair, introduced matching hangers throughout her wardrobe and arranged for all her resale designer clothing to be taken to the relevant resale stores.

Jane was left with a clutter free, easy to read, organised and fresh looking wardrobe.

Shopping and Styling

With the cluttering clothes removed we could now see the style gaps and the areas of the wardrobe that needed refreshing and updating.

Jane’s style and wardrobe needs: a balance between being comfortable enough to travel in and looking professionally smart although not necessarily like she’d stepped out of a city office. A contemporary, sophisticated and polished entrepreneurial style with comfort if you will.

While like most people her wardrobe had revealed an affinity for black, she was clearly also confident with colour and graphics so we were off to a good start.

We presented a bespoke written shopping strategy of the clothes we felt she needed to give her maximum impact and benefit within the budget she was prepared to spend. We also presented a dossier on current fashion trends, items and colours, noting which ones could be subtly used in her wardrobe to update her ‘look’ but in keeping with her personality taking note of anything she didn’t like.

Once approved we set about purchasing the required items with our usual selection criteria but also taking cues from details in her wardrobe.

For example, she had a brand new luxury hand bag in a bold colour that she’d never worn. We set about finding a few key pieces in colours that would allow her to use the bag more readily in a comfortable way and without feeling overdressed.

Our eventual shopping session took place in the privacy of her home. Following an overview on the selection, we then preceded trying things on.

A final selection was made keeping within the budget, which we then integrated into her wardrobe. We packed up the remaining items and handled all the returns.

‘Her wardrobe editing was so good that I only needed to buy a few new items’

I found the experience tremendously useful and helpful. I now have a very well co-ordinated wardrobe, all of which I wear, all of which fits perfectly and can be worn in a huge number of combinations.

Jacqueline is extremely professional, goes the extra mile and is also a very nice person. She made the whole experience fun and exciting but was very careful to stay on budget and deliver the brief requested. Her wardrobe editing was so good that I only needed to buy a few new items. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.

Jane Murray
General Counsel
Six Entertainment