A smart personal brand engenders additional assurance and positive energy in you and others with real benefits to your productivity, external perception, and overall business.

There is a way to look (and feel) more youthful, to have a strong stylish personal brand and enhanced professional performance without having to resort to surgery, special diets, joining a gym or hiring an executive coach.  Personal stylist services are now recognised as an investment in professional development and a legitimate business tool.

Along with gaining a stylish, contemporary and confidence inspiring wardrobe, there are considerable authentic psychological and performance benefits.  Dress codes in the city are evolving and being sartorially armed with a good quality, smart personal brand engenders additional confidence and positive energy in you and others with real benefits to your productivity, external perception, and overall business.

Underpinning these benefits are the advantages of facing a good quality, coordinated and concise wardrobe each day, with the right shoe, dress, blouse or accessory at your fingertips.  Less wardrobe clutter equals less mental clutter.  And with less time and frustration spent dressing each morning, there is more time and less stress at the start of your day. Subsequently a revitalised wardrobe is a genuinely invigorating experience that boosts energy level, outlook and professional routine.

Time Efficient

In the UK, we work longer hours than anywhere else in Europe. It’s difficult enough to juggle the needs of our work, home and social lives.

If you lack the time, head space or interest to spend building and managing your wardrobe, we can do it for you. (Alternatively if you enjoy shopping, we can come with you to make it as productive, enjoyable, time and budget efficient as possible.)

Expert Guidance

We understand fabrics, construction, cut and drape, body shapes, and the cuts and styles that best suit them. We understand colours and colouring, and how they work, singly and together.

We can help you assess and make best use of your existing wardrobe. We will only ever choose and recommend what works best for you, your professional role and attributes, your body shape, tastes and personal style.


We have stood in your shoes. Literally. We have first-hand professional and personal experience in both the fashion industry and the corporate world. And we know how to make the creativity of the former support and drive the standing and ambitions of busy people in the latter.


We have access to an unparalleled range of retail and design sources, from established names to new and up-and-coming brands. We can ensure that the items that we add to your wardrobe are as individual, personal and bespoke as our service itself.

Minimal Net Cost

We source best value items and options to work with your needs and budget. Through our wide range of large supplier relationships we often have access to pre and private sales which we try to maximise for our clients.  Although we charge a fee for our services, during sales times the savings you’ll make on purchases, can often mean that there is little or no net cost for our clients.

Personal Concierge Service

It’s all about you. So we work whenever, wherever and however best suits you. And whatever that looks like, our experience, insights, our in-depth knowledge and impressive list of contacts within the fashion and retail sectors are all at your disposal.

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