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We don’t call this the ‘go shopping in your wardrobe’ service for nothing.  We also call it our ‘mood enhancer’ service.

Clients are often astounded at what we pull out and re-work back into their current dressing and style routine through our wardrobe detox sessions.  Often it just takes a fresh set of experienced eyes to help you see the wood from the trees, or the garment from the clutter in this case.

Granted there are sometimes a lot of items that will need to go but you will enjoy a mental clarity and sense of much great control and organisation, once free from your old and outdated items.  Additionally you might even make some money back by taking any ejected good quality or designer clothes culled to the second hand boutiques.

Our comprehensive wardrobe de-clutter process  refines your wardrobe into an orderly, readable manner making dressing each day a simple pleasure.

And it sets the foundation for future purchases, allowing you to create a list of items you really need to buy vs what you think you might need, ultimately saving you a lot of wasted time and money.


Walk-in-closet with windows!

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