Our fees reflect the level of specialised shopping and styling services we offer and you require.

Every client is treated to the same high standard of service however not all clients needs and budgets are the same.

Our shopping and styling services range from bespoke shopping selections brought to your home, to private shopping in store, to assisted shopping in boutiques.

With all services, styling and shopping knowledge is shared to enable you to grow your own skills and confidence with your own style. As well as gaining a wardrobe filled with clothes to love, we help you to develop a deeper understanding of clothing and fashion and how to achieve best results.

Additional services include ‘at home’ styling sessions (£100/hr) to show you how to get the best out of new purchases or following your de-clutter service. We also provide an annual ‘on call’ service.

Please call us on 0788 4356 889 for a complimentary 1hr phone, coffee or at home assessment or more information.


A constructive wardrobe edit to remove old clothes, clutter and items that no longer suit, combined with advanced styling tips and advice. Wardrobe maintenance solutions are also offered along with handling of repairs and alterations.

2 hr minimum £140,  £55/hr thereafter.   Sundays and public holidays £60/hr


A bespoke private pop-up shop at home or hotel suite. Best suited for people too busy to shop for themselves or to shop during regular shop hours.

After understanding your needs and with an agreed pre-written strategy in place, we curate a carefully selected range of clothes to present ‘pop up shop’ style, just for you.  This highly practical service enables you to try on clothing and shop at your convenience, un bothered by shop assistants or loud music in the privacy of a small luxury hotel suite or at your home.  We manage all the returns, size swaps, alterations process, payments and any follow up required to minimise any inconvenience to you.

Please see our ‘How we work’ page for more information.

Starting from £400.


Clothes are pre selected according to your needs and set up in a private shopping room or suite within a high end department store.

Similar to the CONCIERGE service, we work with a number of mid and high end partner stores which enables the most optimal options for you. You are invited to whichever partner store is deemed to cater best for your needs. There, in the seclusion of a private suite, you are presented to try a carefully selected range of clothes prepared according to your needs. This service is also suited to those with restricted time but are more flexible to come into stores. The main difference between this and the CONCIERGE service is that we can only show what is available in store.

Starting from £200.


Assisting you with shopping across several boutiques in single or multiple locations as required. Shops or stores are pre-selected according to your needs.

After understanding your needs and criteria, we preview and select several boutiques that provide the best solutions from where to shop and accompany and advise you. This service is for those who either enjoy shopping or have time to go to several stores at one time.

Preparation time £75/hr + £100/hr for the in store shopping experience

Please call us on 0788 4356 889 for a complimentary 1hr assessment or more information.