Men’s Wear

Men’s Wear

One of the great misconceptions is that it’s easy for men. Trousers, shirt, tie, jacket – that’s it. Well, yes. And no.

The more limited the options, the more important the elements become.

In a suit, comparatively small details – whether of fit, colour, fabric or pattern – are all that make the difference. (But what a difference they make).

Then there’s business casual – for many men, a baffling no man’s land between the three-piece suit and jeans and a t-shirt.

Whether you’re looking for the styles and cuts that best suit your body shape, an interpreter for the rules of business dress (amazing how something unwritten can be so easy to get wrong), or need guidance to commission your first Savile Row suit, Edit London can help.


With our Work Wear service, the process and the intent is the broadly the same for men as it is for women; namely, to build a flexible, adaptable, elegant and wearable wardrobe that will help you express and reinforce a position, attitude and individuality within the confines of a business ‘uniform’.

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