Wardrobe Detox

Wardrobe Detox

The benefits of this service cannot be overstated. It is a great way to take back control of your wardrobe, and allow you and us to see where the gaps are.

We often call it the ‘go shopping in your wardrobe’ service because you will be amazed at how much more of your remaining clothes you wear and how easier it is to dress every day because you can now see what is in your wardrobe.

A Wardrobe Detox is the beginning of what often becomes an intimate relationship with your stylist. It enables her to understand more about you, your current style and lifestyle, your likes and dislikes. Going through a Wardrobe Detox also helps you build the trust in her that is required with handling your personal style.

The result is a clutter free, easy to read, organised and fresh looking wardrobe.

Wardrobe De-Cluttering

At first, we take the time to listen to your desired outcomes, answer any questions you may have and take direction about any wardrobe items that need particular consideration. We then work through your wardrobe methodically sorting everything into ‘keep’, ‘give to charity’, ‘throw away’ and ‘possible sell’ piles.

You do not need to be present throughout all of the sorting stage, thus permitting you to get on with other activities if needed. After each sorting phase we always explain our elimination choices and give you the opportunity to veto anything. This helps you to understand why you should keep or let go of certain pieces and ensures nothing is discarded that shouldn’t be.

After the service, all kept clothes are arranged neatly back into your wardrobe in an orderly fashion, section by section and colour coordinated. It is not uncommon that afterwards you will feel much lighter as we purge clothes that have been causing a styling fog in your wardrobe.

Regular feedback from clients (usually with a big smile on their face) is how much more free and in command of their wardrobe and style they feel afterwards.

Additional elements of our Wardrobe De-clutter service include arranging clothing alterations or restyling, shoe repairs, selling of designer clothes, wardrobe maintenance advice and dropping off of  any ‘give away’ clothes from the de-clutter/detox (one and the same thing).

Wardrobe Maintenance

In order to make your wardrobe feel like a haven of style and luxury, visual harmony, clothing care and organisation is key.

Once all your sorted clothes have been arranged back into your wardrobe, the best way to maximise this is by having a single style of clothing hanger as well as a place for everything. We can advise on and organise the purchase and installation of any hangers, small storage facilities and clothing care items you need.

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